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Audio Systems

Audio & Security Engineers provides a wide range of low voltage electrical services including overhead paging, emergency notification, intercom systems, sound masking and background music for commercial, government and industrial facilities. Our systems are custom designed utilizing the latest technologies to provide cost effective solutions for your sound system needs. Our customers range from small office buildings to large manufacturing facilities, casinos and amusement parks.

Overhead Paging

Our paging systems are designed to provide proper sound coverage in all areas with a particular emphasis on manufacturing facilities with high ambient sound levels. The systems can be scaled for any size facility and easily adapt to the continually changing environment typical of factories. Larger systems use digital signal processing to provide such functions as automatic ambient level compensation, multiband equalization, audio compression and easy control using GUI based software on your network. Sources can include multi-zone telephone paging, microphones, background music and digital message players.

Emergency Notification

An emergency notification system can play prerecorded and live messages through an overhead paging system under manual or automatic control. Your system can be programmed to respond to alerts broadcast by your local county providing your facility with the latest in emergency weather alerts. Our emergency alert system will notify you of a pending emergency, be it a tornado, severe winter weather or a local chemical spill. Given proper warning, you can effectively activate your emergency plan which may result in saved lives.

Intercom Systems

We offer complete solutions for intercom needs from simple door entry systems to facility wide multiple station systems. We work with educational, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing markets.

  • Facility intercom system for individual, area or system-wide communication.
  • Security intercom stations at strategic locations like gates or entrances
  • Security intercom stations with door control capabilities.
  • Integration with access control and cctv systems.

Sound Masking

Many offices today have an open floor plan that makes privacy hard to obtain. Sound masking adds privacy by adding low level sound that contours to mask your conversations and other background noise. The low level sound is at a frequency that will block out other chatter in your office. This provides more privacy for conversations that should not be overheard and allows employees to stay focused on their work.

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Audio & Security Engineers is a leading low voltage electrical contractor, specializing in CCTV, Alarm System, Audio / Video and Access Services. Contact us, and you're low voltage needs will be taken care of promptly, safely, and cost effectively. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and constantly update and train our technicians on all the new trends in the ever changing world of technology and communications.