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Closed Circuit Video Surveillance Systems

Audio & Security Engineers has over 25 years’ experience in designing and installing closed circuit video surveillance systems. Our expert technicians know essentially everything there is to know about virtually all surveillance systems that exists, and can quickly and efficiently set up your video surveillance system no matter how big or small the project. We have a wide range of experience with commercial, industrial, government, health care and office establishments as well as parking facilities.

Today’s systems are largely IP-based devices that utilize POE server based systems that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. These systems can easily be linked to your access control, audio and security systems to give you the latest technological solution. Our technicians are highly experienced and are well trained when it comes to working with computer based systems as well as digital video recording (DVR) systems. We have successfully upgraded numerous sites from analog to IP and are proud of our skilled technicians.

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Audio & Security Engineers is a leading low voltage electrical contractor, specializing in CCTV, Alarm System, Audio / Video and Access Services. Contact us, and you're low voltage needs will be taken care of promptly, safely, and cost effectively. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and constantly update and train our technicians on all the new trends in the ever changing world of technology and communications.